Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation (LFR) has a proud heritage of volunteering, beginning with the establishment of the Women’s Committee in 1965. To read the full story of our Women’s Committee, click here.

Today, our Volunteer Programme still offers an enriching life experience and a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Our volunteers become part of the multidisciplinary team working towards improving the lives and rehabilitation outcomes of our clients.

And, as part of our ongoing commitment to our greater community, our Volunteer Programme also supports individuals in achieving volunteer service hours for awards including:

Additionally, we support the SPCA and St John Outreach Therapy Pets programme and incorporate it into our Auckland rehabilitation services. Volunteers and their animals work alongside our Occupational Therapists to help our clients achieve their specific goals.

To view volunteering opportunities, visit the specific regional centre below:



What our volunteers say…

“Volunteering was a way for me to be more socially engaged and community minded. Engaging with people from a variety of different backgrounds has been the most rewarding aspect. It’s definitely true that you ‘get’ much more than you ‘give’. The most memorable thing thus far, was probably going Christmas shopping at Sylvia Park, and helping clients get their Christmas presents. It was a simple thing, but everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

Stroke Programme Volunteer, Christmas and New Year Volunteer


“Volunteering at Laura Fergusson has been a wonderful experience. It has given me a chance to meet and interact with new people. It is a marvellous feeling to see the happiness and the confidence that the Stroke Programme participants gain.


This experience has given me an opportunity to understand the needs of the community.  I have gained new skills and knowledge, which has boosted my self confidence. Most of all, it has given me a chance to connect with others and make a difference. It feels good to be able to give back to the community, even if, in a small way.”

Stroke Programme Volunteer