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Laura Fergusson Trust

Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated was established by Lady Laura Fergusson and Lady Mary Caughey in 1967, to provide support services to disabled people.

The founders’ vision was to assist and encourage disabled people towards achieving their full potential and independence in daily living.

Over the last 50 years this vision has been realised through many evolutions in society, policy, medical knowledge, the growing use of technology and increasing understanding of disability.

Until recently, we primarily focused on providing services from our rehabilitation centre in Auckland. In 2019 we made the difficult decision to close our Greenlane facilities, transition our clients and staff, and transform our structure and service model.

Today we continue to build on our founders’ legacy through sustainable initiatives that remove barriers and create new opportunities for disabled people. Our vision is for an equitable society for disabled New Zealanders.

You can read about our current initiatives here