Our Heritage

Our Founders

Laura Fergusson Trust for Disabled Persons ( Auckland) Incorporated was established by Lady Laura Fergusson and Lady Mary Caughey in 1967, to provide support services to disabled people.
Lady Laura Fergusson

Lady Laura Fergusson wife of Governor-General Sir Bernard Fergusson and Lady Mary Caughey gathered a progressive group of like-minded people and built a service to assist disabled people to live independent lives. Lady Joyce Fisher joined Lady Fergusson and Lady Caughey, and together they named the Laura Fergusson Trust as their special charity. 

Lady Mary Caughey

Lady Joyce Fisher went on to provide a major gift that established the Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund. This fund has been instrumental in securing the long-term future of the Laura Fergusson Trust, to the benefit of all New Zealanders. For over 50 years, the vision and generosity of our patrons and extended support network have enabled us to support ground-breaking research and provide services to our clients and partners within the health and disability sector.

Lady Joyce Fisher

Women’s Committee

In 1965 a group of dedicated volunteers inspired by Lady Mary Caughey established the Laura Fergusson Women’s Committee.

The Women’s Committee members were successful in gaining support from many community leaders, and this led to Lady Laura Fergusson (wife of the then Governor General, Sir Bernard Fergusson) giving her name to a new Trust dedicated to assisting young disabled people.

For many years the Women’s Committee was the fundraising body led initially by Lady Mary Caughey. The Committee President and members organised and supported numerous wonderful fundraising occasions, ranging from the very popular race events to fashion shows, stud tours, fairs and bridge nights.

The quality of these fundraising events was always first class and those who attended enjoyed great hospitality, met good people and were well entertained. By 2017 the Women’s Committee had raised in excess of $4,500,000 in support of Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation.