Our People

LFT Auckland is governed by an eight-member Board, led by Chairman Chris O’Brien.
General Manager Shelley Green is responsible for operational management. 

Meet our Team

Shelley Green

General Manager

Gretchen Seemann

Project Lead, Future Initiatives

Tanaz Bhathena

Administration Services Manager

Meet our Board

Chris O’Brien


Chris is a graduate of Victoria University with an extensive background in property and commerce. He has proven experience in strategic planning, implementation, trouble-shooting and risk assessment.  

He has been an elected member of the Board of the Laura Fergusson Trust Inc since 1997. In 2001 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chairman in 2004. Chris was a founding Trustee of the Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund and held the position of Chairman from 2006-2022. He is a previous member of the New Zealand Government’s Rehabilitation Services Review Board.

Dr Simon Barclay

Deputy Chairman

Simon, a qualified medical practitioner, was born in London where he studied medicine. Since coming to NZ in 1979 he has worked as a GP and in the medical insurance industry. He has founded a number of companies both in the medical and non-medical fields and has been appointed to several Boards, serving as Director and Chairman.

Simon was elected to the Board of Laura Fergusson Trust Inc in 2007 where he has made a valuable contribution from a medical and commercial perspective. Simon was appointed a Trustee of the Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund in 2008 and is a previous Chairman of the National Trust Board.

John Burton

Board Member

John was elected to the board in December 2020.  John is a paraplegic having been in a wheelchair for over 27 years and in that time had used the facilities at Laura Fergusson Trust.

John has a BCom from Auckland University and is very much involved in the business community.  He has set up a number of businesses in the NZ tea and coffee industry that are leaders in their markets, Dilmah Tea, Columbus Coffee and John Burton Limited.

John has been a supporter of Laura Fergusson Trust Inc for over 20 years and this, coupled with his lived experiences, offers valuable insights for his role as a board member.

Richard Glenn

Board Member

Richard is a law graduate of Victoria University of Wellington. After working in private legal practice for 6 years he moved to a large financial institution where he worked briefly as in-house legal counsel and then moved into front line banking.

Richard worked in a variety of financial institutions and eventually retired after 18 years with the Bank of New Zealand’s Institutional Bank. His latter roles included Head of Specialised Finance and Client Director for the Energy, Utilities & Infrastructure sector and he was at various times a member of both the BNZ Credit Risk Committee and the National Australia Group Transactional Credit Committee.

Richard was elected to the Board of Laura Fergusson Trust Inc in 2011 and as a Trustee of the Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund in 2017.

Shelley Moana Hiha

Board Member

Shelley has been a member of the Board since 2003. Shelley’s personal experience of injury and her work in sport and rehabilitation provide her with a unique insight into the work of the Trust.  She has served on the Quality & Risk Committee, and more recently the Future Activities sub-committee.

Shelley has worked in complementary health education for a significant number of years and has a lot of experience in the development and analysis of government policy providing her with an in depth knowledge of the political and policy framework the Trust operates in.

John Magness

Board Member

John is the managing director of family-owned retail business, Magness Benrow. John is a long-standing supporter of Laura Fergusson Trust Inc and has been an active member of the Board since 1988.

He has served on the Finance and Asset Committee, and more recently the Future Activities sub-committee.

Heather McLeish

Board Member

Heather was appointed to the board in December 2020 following her retirement in October 2020 as Chief Executive Officer.  Heather had been with the organisation in operational roles since 2008, and in the CEO role since 2013.

Heather has a long and extensive career in the health and disability sector spanning 50 years and her depth and knowledge of both the sector and the Trust is a great asset to the Board.

Heather is also one of the LFTI Auckland representatives on the National Trust Board.

Trish Neal

Board Member

Trish has been involved with Laura Fergusson Trust since joining the Women’s Committee in 2013.  Trish has an extensive career in healthcare having owned and operated private hospitals and a nursing bureau after training initially as a Registered Nurse.  In addition, Trish has held multiple governance roles with nursing, private hospital and home health associations.

Trish brings valuable industry knowledge and was elected to the board in December 2021.

To contact the Board, please email boardsecretary@lft.co.nz