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Our History

Over 50 years ago Lady Laura Fergusson, wife of the then Governor-General, Sir Bernard Fergusson and Lady Mary Caughey became concerned at the lack of appropriate residential facilities for people living with disability. So they gathered a progressive group of like-minded people and began the task of building a service to assist people with physical difficulties to live independent lives.

Lady Joyce Fisher soon joined Lady Fergusson and Lady Caughey and together they named the Laura Fergusson Trust as their special charity. Lady Joyce Fisher went on to provide a major gift that established the “Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund”. This fund has been instrumental in securing the long-term future of the Laura Fergusson Trust to the benefit of all New Zealanders with health challenges.

The vision and generosity of our patrons along with our extended support network has allowed us to continue to support ground-breaking research and develop services that meet the needs of both our clients and the funding bodies within the health and disability sector.

Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation continues today to deliver high-quality clinical care and vital community programmes to the thousands of New Zealanders who are affected by stroke, brain injury, physical disability and deteriorating conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, MS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Lady Joyce Fisher

Lady Joyce Fisher

“It was a privilege to be asked by the Laura Fergusson Trust to give my name to the establishment of the Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund”

Lady Mary Caughey

Lady Mary Caughey

“As a founding member of the Trust, I have dedicated my life to supporting the Trust in its development of services and facilities”