Our History

Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated began its life in 1967, when a progressive group of people, led by Lady Laura Fergusson, wife of the then Governor General, Sir Bernard Fergusson and Lady Mary Caughey became concerned at the lack of appropriate residential facilities for disabled people. They chose actions over words and began the task of providing a solution to the residential problems of the disabled.laura bw

After overcoming many difficulties the founding group purchased a property at Great South Road in Auckland and began developing a residential facility. This was the first facility in New Zealand to cater for the residential needs of the disabled community.

Over the years Laura Fergusson’s services and facilities have been progressively developed to meet the needs of the disabled community, their families and the funding bodies within the health and disability sector. LFR continues to build on its fine history through service innovation and specialisation, while continuing to recognise its founding philosophy.

27lauraThe Present

The original concept of providing a solution to the residential problems of disabled people has evolved and today Laura Fergusson focuses on providing expert rehabilitation services through a comprehensive team of specialists managed by a professional executive team

Laura Fergusson provides rehabilitation services across the greater Auckland, Waikato and Whanganui regions. It has a special focus on the neurological field where it meets the needs of New Zealanders who have either congenital or acquired conditions including traumatic brain and multi-trauma injuries, stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease. LFR also provides a range of other specialised services for amputees, very high need clie13nts and respite care.

Working in multidisciplinary teams, our dedicated staff provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, speech language therapy, medical general practice, psychology, and rehabilitation support & assistance and in so doing build a platform through which clients transition back in to everyday life.

Laura Fergusson recognises the importance of providing innovative solutions to the purchasers of its services including the Accident Compensation Corporation, the Ministry of Health the Ministry of Social Development, District Health Boards, private funders and the general public. We maintain a strong focus on innovation and clinical best practice through our support of the Laura Fergusson Chair in Rehabilitation at AUT University and through active involvement in key research initiatives.

Our Future

LFR is committed to working collaboratively with our clients, their families and its funders to build expertise in specialised rehabilitation and to further develop our reputation as experts in rehabilitation. We acknowledge that these goals are enabled by strong partnerships within the health and disability sector that meet current needs whilst anticipating future demands and sustainable options. LFR acknowledges the links between public health and the environment and as part of that commitment actively participates in an ACC workplace safety programme ensuring the best environmental health and safety practice