Community residential living options have been provided by Laura Fergusson since the organisation was established in the 1960s.

The foundation of Laura Fergusson’s community connection services is that each individual identifies the support needs that will empower and enable them to create a personally meaningful lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide an environment where individuals can live safely and participate in a community of choice with appropriate levels of care whilst maintaining control and the right to make personal choices.

The underpinning principles for community connection services are:

  • Self-determination, individual choice and control.communityresidential
  • Connection, companionship and personal contribution.
  • Dignity, respect and the expression of personal power.
  • Transparent and ethical service support and delivery.
  • Individual focus and personal outcomes.
  • Strengthened natural support networks.
  • Social and life roles determined by the individual.


Our Auckland and Whanganui centres offer community living options with many opportunities to participate in on-site and community activities.

Our Auckland facility offers a unique opportunity to live independently in your own unit at the same time as having access to the community residential support staff, nurses and allied health staff if needed.