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november, 2018

22nov5:00pm9:30pmLucy Melville Exhibition - In support of the Laura Fergusson Trust


Event Details

We invite you to join us at Lucy’s exhibition of her second series entitled ‘Light In Flight’.

Thursday 22 November 2018
Thievery Studio
203 Karangahape Road, Auckland, 1010


The featured Kingfisher painting will be auctioned off at 7pm with 100% of proceeds going to the Laura Fergusson Trust.



Lucy (Lucis) Melville was initially taught to paint by her grandmother, but, focused on her busy corporate career, she struggled for years to find inspiration. In 2016, after a sport-related head injury motivated her to slow down and find a sense of balance in her life, Melville found that the creative block disappeared and returned to painting to share her story and her positive outlook.

Melville’s work is all about exploring light, bright, positive energy. Her often large, usually circular works employ strong geometry and subtle changes in tone to establish depth. The bold use of colour is largely driven by the artist’s mood.

“I love the simplicity of shape and colour, but the intense impact it can have when combined. For me, colour is very emotive and I often find I’m driven to use specific colours when I’m in certain moods. ‘Disappearing Kisses’ was a work inspired by a new relationship being there one minute but gone the next. The purple and emerald colours resonate warmth and the feeling of lust and the simplicity of a kiss is represented by a cross made up of small triangles, getting ever smaller and darker as they disappear.”

For Melville, the colours she chooses to use are a form of self expression and different bodies of work become her visual diaries. These visual stories twist and turn through times of change and challenge, but always capture the artist’s sense of positivity.

Currently working towards her next exhibition, Melville hasn’t quite settled on the exact direction, but intends to explore some softer elements within her distinctive style. Continuing with the story of changes and her life’s journey, this next body of work will include a piece to be auctioned for the Laura Fergusson Trust; a non-profit organisation that helped Melville to recover following her head injury.

“My injury turned my life upside-down so far as losing the ability for me to easily communicate, socialise and move. The Laura Fergusson Trust was integral in my recovery at a time when I wasn’t sure if or when I would get my full health back.”

“I started painting about eight months after my injury, following the decision to start making changes in order to take back control of my happiness. I decided to focus on the simple things that made me content and feed my soul.”

In her search for these simple pleasures, Melville remembers the starting point for her painting and that creative work can’t be forced to happen.

“My grandmother painted beautiful watercolours and I spent many an afternoon with her; set up with our easels side-by-side. She was very much about the joy in doing little things like this.”

“I still struggle now at times so far as trying to make new ideas come together, but I think acknowledging that nothing is ever a ‘wrong’ decision is important. I have several paintings that will never see the light of day, but they helped me get to the pieces that did work.“

“I try to just be when I work, rather than force anything. If I’m not feeling it, I walk away and try not to beat myself up for not being as productive as I hope on some days. As with anything in life, I find that when you have to force something it doesn’t really end up working.“

​You can see more of Melville’s art on her website, lucisartnz.com.


(Thursday) 5:00pm - 9:30pm


Theivery Studio

203 Karangahape Road