Our Approach

We have aligned with Government health policies while honouring our founders’ vision to support and encourage disabled people towards achieving their full potential and independence in daily living.

Over the past decade, Government, Ministry of Health and ACC policies have shifted in response to the latest research evidence to support a more independent and tailored approach to services for disabled people. Government policies are now firmly focused on self-determination and supporting people within their own home or community, rather than in a centralised facility. 

LFT Auckland has been responsive to these changes – see below for more on the disability sector reforms. We expect our future work will include both stand-alone projects and collaborative initiatives alongside other organisations, with a focus on providing financially sustainable services that complement those offered by larger organisations under Crown Agency contracts.

Read about our current initiatives here.

Disability Sector Reform

A new ministry and funding policy announced in October 2021 will reform disability services, improve accessibility and provide people with increased control over how their disability budget is spent.

This new approach, called ‘Enabling Good Lives’, has been demonstrated to produce significantly better outcomes without increased costs. Trials in Waikato, Mid Central and Canterbury DHBs over a period of about six years showed that Enabling Good Lives achieved better outcomes not just for the individual receiving support but also for whānau, and the social and economic costs associated with disability across education, health, justice and social development ministries.