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Strokes are the number one cause of disability in adults in New Zealand, yet the on-going effects on survivors are often overlooked. Many stroke survivors suffer from continuing physical and emotional issues including motor deficit, vision problems, speech impediments, lack of confidence and depression. At Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation (LFR) we have specialised expertise in neurological rehabilitation and an experienced multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation experts. Our team is dedicated to helping stroke survivors overcome the obstacles they face after suffering a stroke.

How Does Stroke Rehabilitation Work?
We take a practical and functional approach. Rehabilitation is about you – what you want to achieve and what is realistic. Our multidisciplinary team will create a rehabilitation programme tailored to your needs and goals and, using our expertise, we will maximise your potential for recovery as well as your independence for everyday living.

Flexible Rehabilitation Options

Active Community Stroke Programme
The Active Community Stroke Programme is a group rehabilitation programme developed in conjunction with the Stroke Foundation Northern Region Inc. The programme includes physical rehabilitation targeted at maximising everyday function together with education, help with social skills and practical ideas to help you achieve independence. It is designed to give you a strong start both physically and emotionally towards achieving improvements in function, independence and self-management of your recovery. Our aim is to provide benefits that will continue long after you have completed the programme.

Our large, fully equipped rehabilitation gym and heated hydrotherapy pool provide the physical components of the programme with other sessions both on site and within the community.

The Active Community Stroke Programme can be funded privately or through a supporting private organisation. Clients may self-refer or be referred by their hospital specialist, doctor, family members or other support providers. Funding for clients in this programme is limited however there is no waiting list for privately paying clients.

Individual Rehabilitation
Our residential based stroke rehabilitation service provides an integrated plan over 24/7 that is outcomes focussed, endorses active participation and coordinated by our interdisciplinary team. The plan is goal oriented with a framework of recovery, adaptation, participation and prevention of recurrent stroke.

Stoke rehabilitation is primarily funded by Ministry of Health (MoH) and eligibility is assessed at the time of access to the service via Needs Assessment & Service Coordination (NASC).

Privately funded individual rehabilitation is often the most effective option for acute stroke survivors with specific needs, who require direct one-on-one assistance. There are no age restrictions or waiting lists for individual rehabilitation and professional care is tailored to the needs and goals of each client. Whether you need physical therapy, occupational therapy, social skills, speech language therapy or vocational support, our expert team will provide you with a comprehensive and individual rehabilitation programme.