Suffering a concussion can result in problems that affect your work, recreational activities and everyday life. LFR works with clients who have suffered a concussion to ensure a speedy recovery and a reduction in the likelihood of on-going difficulties, such as post-concussion syndrome.

How Can We Help?
If you have suffered a concussion or believe you might have concussion it is vital that you seek medical advice immediately. Your doctor may then refer you to LFR. If you have had an injury and, as a result, have on-going difficulties that may be linked to concussion, you can contact the Accident Compensation Corporation who may then refer you to our service. Our concussion service has two stages:

Assessment and Education

Clients are assessed and provided with advice and education about concussion and its symptoms. This includes advice about how to manage the issues associated with concussion and information about how to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. Many clients with mild concussion do not require treatment or rehabilitation beyond this stage.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

If treatment is required, clients have access to our experienced and expert professional team. Treatment is individualised to meet each client’s needs and often involves the client’s family, employer or school in helping facilitate recovery. We take a practical and functional approach and utilise our multidisciplinary expertise to maximise your recovery and your independence for everyday living.

Who is Eligible?
Our concussion service is available to anyone who suspects they have suffered concussion. If you have suffered a concussion as a result of an accident you may be eligible for assistance from the Accident Compensation Corporation. You can find out if you are eligible by speaking to your medical practitioner or to the Accident Compensation Corporation.

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