Welcome to our Hydrotherapy Pool at Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation in Greenlane, Auckland. The warm temperature of 34 degrees, walk in access ramp and variable depth provides a unique environment in which to exercise and rehabilitate.

Suitable for all ages, whether you want to improve your range of movement, flexibility, balance and coordination or just improve your fitness then exercising in water can help.

Hydrotherapy is ideal for rehabilitating after injury or joint replacement surgery.

A physiotherapist is available to assess your individual needs and design a programme to ensure that you are exercising to get the best results.

Water wheelchairs are available for easy access.

“I feel revitalized with the movement I can attain in the pool”

Hydrotherapy can be provided individually under the instruction of a Physiotherapist or Fitness Trainer.pysio 1

Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation also offers group Hydrotherapy Classes each week day, under the supervision of a Registered Physiotherapist. Each swimmer is assessed by a Physiotherapist prior to joining the class and a personalised hydrotherapy programme is developed and laminated to use at the side of the pool. The swimmer is then taught their exercises in the group class.

Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10-11am and on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3pm.

Cost Structure
Hydrotherapy Classes
$40 Hydrotherapy Assessment
$12 per Hydrotherapy classlady swimming 3
$110 concession card for 10 classes
Independant swimmers
$8 per swim
$4 for support personnel if needed

Swimmers can attend as often as they choose.

Members of the public are also able to use the pool as independent swimmers at specific times under a written agreement with Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation. The agreement outlining Hydrotherapy Pool use procedures and Health and Safety requirements is obtainable from reception and must be completed and signed by the user before being able to use the pool.

The pool is available to independent swimmers on a Monday and Wednesday from 8-9am and 2-5pm, on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-9am and 3-5pm and on Friday from 8-9am, 12-1pm and 2-5pm.

For safety reasons a swimmer must be accompanied by a support person over the age of 15 in the pool vicinity to monitor the swimmer at all times.

“My work life is so busy, so my morning exercise in the pool is time for me and sets my energy for the day”

Call us on +64 9 524 0537 for further information