Bequest- A Gift in Your Will

A bequest is a wonderful way people can provide an enduring gift to support a cause they hold dear.

We remind supporters that providing for family and loved ones is the top priority. Thereafter, we hope that one of your objectives may be to provide a lasting statement of support for charitable organisations such as Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated and the Joyce Fisher Endowment fund.


How to make a bequest

We recommend you consult your legal adviser when making provision for a bequest in a new will, or adding a codicil to your existing one.

You can choose to gift a percentage of your estate, the ‘rest and residue’ of your estate, or a set amount in your will.

We suggest talking to your family or loved ones so they are aware of your wishes.

There is no obligation to advise us but we would love to hear if you have chosen to support us in your will so we can appropriately thank you in your lifetime.


How a bequest can help

Making a bequest to Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated (charity number CC29785) will help to ensure we can continue delivering leading rehabilitation services and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to live independent lives.

You can choose to leave the bequest freely with no strings attached so the funds can be spent where they are most needed at the time or you can specify where you would like the funds to be spent.


Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund

A bequest can be setup to support Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated or The Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund. The Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund will facilitate and fund translational research that supports rehabilitation and other service development and innovation initiatives that are of benefit to our clients, their families and Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated. See the Joyce Fisher Endowment Fund page for more information.


Contact us

Please call our fundraising team on 09 524 0537 if you would like to discuss bequest options or email


“Please join with me and make a bequest to the Laura Fergusson Trust. Long after you and I have gone, our support will continue to ensure the long-term future of the Trust, for the benefit of many thousands of New Zealanders with severe physical disabilities.
As a founding member of the Trust, I have dedicated my life to supporting the Trust in its development of services and facilities. It is vital that the Trust continues its work in the 21st century.
By making a planned gift to support the Laura Fergusson Trust in your will, you can enhance the lives of many thousands of New Zealanders in the disabled community.”

-Lady Mary Caughey