Inspired by Lady Mary Caughey, the Laura Fergusson Women’s Committee began in 1965 as a group of dedicated volunteers whose goal was to establish an accommodation facility for young people with disabilities. At that time there were no residential facilities available for young people with disabilities. As a result, many of them remained in hospitals without skilled supervision or access to appropriate rehabilitation services. Some were consigned to rest homes for the elderly. Ongoing lobbying by members of the Women’s Committee led to support from many community leaders and this in turn resulted in Lady Laura Fergusson, the wife of the then Governor General, Sir Bernard Fergusson, giving her name to a new Trust dedicated to assisting young disabled persons.

In the years that followed its formation, the Women’s Committee has become Laura Fergusson’s main fundraising body. The members of the Women’s Committee have continued their work by organising and supporting many fundraising events. These events range from the very popular Race Night, held annually at the Alexandra Park Raceway, to fashion shows and bridge nights. The uniting theme is the combination of fun and friendship in support of a worthy cause. The quality of these fundraising events is always first class and those who come along have the opportunity to enjoy great hospitality, meet good people and be entertained. As at 2017 the Women’s Committee has raised in excess of $4,500,000 in support of Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation.



Presidents of the Women’s Committee:

Lady Mary Caughey 1966-1970
Win Henley 1970-1972
Lady Joyce Fisher 1972-1973
Norma Walker 1973-1975
Betty Bates 1975-1977
Margaret Mounsey 1977-1978
Inez Abbott 1978-1979
Shona Manning 1980-1981
Eileen Hartstone 1982-1984
Libby Fletcher 1984-1986
Rosie Horton 1986-1992
Lindsay Darrow 1992-1994
Rochelle McLaren 1994-1996
Eileen Hartstone 1996-1998
Kathy Jenkins 1998-2000
Donna McKenzie 2000-2002
Maralyn Davies 2002-2004
Jo Clark 2004-2007
Anna Yates 2007-2009
Angela Ward 2009-2010
Sally Anderson 2010-2011
Jo Clark 2011-2018