We have already identified three initiatives which broadly exemplify LFTI’s future approach to delivering its purpose and values:


Rehabilitation with Technology

LFTI is exploring what may be possible with technology here in Auckland.   We want to help people reach their goals and to offer guidance to maximise independence. Appropriate assistive technology often helps people with disabilities compensate, at least in part, for a limitation, and can be part of an individualised rehabilitation programme.

LFTI has identified an initial advanced technological piece of equipment which has been proven internationally.    We are quantifying the cost of providing that equipment, servicing the equipment, providing training for expert assistance in the use of that equipment and measuring demand for the equipment if made available.

Provided this analysis shows that the service can be offered on a sustainable basis, we will both contribute financially to and fundraise for, the implementation of a service offering.


Accessible Gym Spaces

There is a need to develop appropriate opportunities for disabled people to engage in quality physical activities, such as community and local gyms.  These need to be planned for, and incorporated into gym spaces.

LFTI has identified several opportunities where it appears that appropriate gym equipment can be placed, accessed and utilised within the Auckland community.

It is expected that LFTI will both contribute financially to and (in due course) fundraise for, the relevant equipment.


Neurodiversity in pre-school children

International data has shown conclusively that  early identification and  support for  neurodivergent children can produce extraordinary improvement in the ability of such children to participate in school and to achieve independence in later life.

Test Case – The LFTI and Autism NZ co-venture is described on the Future page.

It is envisaged that this work will have synergies to other neuro divergent conditions.


LFTI acknowledges and thanks the many individuals and organisations which have supported its activities since 1969.   Together, our objective is to make a meaningful difference to New Zealand, and we thank you as always for ongoing support.