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Membership Rules

Please find below the rules regarding membership as detailed in our Laura Fergusson Trust Incorporated Constitution and Rules (click the link for the full copy).


4.1 Admission to Membership: Any person other than a paid employee of the Society may apply and shall be eligible for admission as a member of the Society.

4.2 Procedure for Admission: Applicants for membership must make a written application to the Secretary on such form as the Board may prescribe and must pay the Society’s annual or lifetime subscription upon admission. All new memberships must be confirmed by the Board and may be declined by the Board without any reason having to be given.

4.3 Register of Members: The Secretary shall maintain a register of members recording the name, address, occupation and telephone number of each member and the date upon which each member was admitted to membership of the Society.

4.4 Subscriptions: Annual subscriptions for members shall fall due for payment on the first day of each Financial Year. The membership of any member whose subscription is in arrears for two years after the due date may be terminated by the Board at any time by notice in writing to that person’s last address recorded by the Secretary.

4.5 Termination: The membership of any person may be terminated by the Board by written notice posted or delivered to that person’s last known address recorded by the Secretary:

4.5.1 Society’s Interests: if the Board decides that it is not in the interests of the Society that the person should remain a member of the Society; or
4.5.2 Eligibility: if the person is no longer eligible for membership.

The Board shall not be required to give any reason for terminating the membership of any person under rule 4.5.1.

4.6 Rights: Membership of the Society shall not confer any estate, right or interest in the funds or property of the Society upon any member.


5.1 Contracts: No member shall have any personal liability in respect of any contract or other obligation made or incurred by the Society.

5.2 Indemnity: The Society shall indemnify and keep indemnified each member against any liability property incurred by such member in respect of the affairs of the Society.

5.3 Actions: No member shall have any action in law or otherwise against any other member in respect of any act or omission under these rules except where such action arises from the wilful default of the person against whom such action is taken.


6.1 Nomination: Any person who has conferred special benefits upon the Society or has rendered special services to the Society may be nominated for election as an honorary life member of the Society at a general meeting of the Society. Nominations for the election of any person as an honorary life member must be proposed and seconded by two financial members and written notice delivered to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the relevant general meeting.

6.2 Privileges: All persons elected as honorary life members of the Society shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership of the Society including the right to attend and vote at general meetings of the Society and to hold office but shall not be required to pay an annual subscription.